White Paper
LinkSYSTER - Specifications
LinkSYSTER establish a transparent link
over cellular networks (like GSM).
Normally configured for separate
cellular modem but can also be
delivered with built-in modem in

The main functionality and configuration
from factory is marked on the side of

Case: Aluminum in size 119 x 61 x 32 mm
(overall), the box 108 x 61 x 32 mm.

Weight: 160 gram excluding modem.

Power: 12V DC non regulated as standard.
(9 - 18V). 5.0 V versions available. 35mA
(12V) typical without modem. LED:s and
RS232 may increase the max current.

Settings: Commands can be typed in
command mode from a standard TTY
terminal (always in 9600 bps).

Temprange: Standard 0 - +55C, extended
temp versions available.

Settings: By setup commands from a
standard TTY terminal (in 9600 bps).

RS232 modem: Standard level, 9600 or
19200, by setting), Higher speeds as

RS232 (TTL level/ high level as option)
external 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
bps (setting). Higher speeds as option (e.g.
for 3G). RX/TX/GND (hardware handshaking
not transfered).

Buffering: Dropouts surpressed. Size may
be different in different versions. Higher
speed to external unit than modem link is
nott possible in higher data flows. If needed
choose a LinkSYSTER for a higher speed.

Configuration for different modems:
Settings in a script menu.

Connect via terminal software or
AT-commands. One fast preset number is

Disconnect by push button, selectable
time-out or by powerdown.

Security: Auto password by connect (user
configured from menu).

Temp range: Standard 0 - +55C, extended
temp versions available. Storage standard
-25 - +85C. RH 15-95% (non condensed).
All specifications
are preliminary and
can be changed
without any prior