White Paper
LinkSYSTER works in the standard
cellular networks (like GSM). It is a
transparent link to all your needs.
Remote control, programming,
downloading, monitoring, remote
service and much more. It can't be
easier to improve the grade of service
and customer care.

This is something real useful and very
clever. You can start to use wireless in
existing functions, systems or applications
instead of a RS232 cable. Right as it is.
Nothing to change. Just replace the cable.

Let's say you have a microprocessor
somewhere. In a vehicle, a machine, a
traffic light, a lift or anything else. For your
normal service, reprogramming or analyze
you go out to the unit, connect a
computer, a terminal or an other unit. You
have to since your units dopes not support

Now you just have a LinkSYSTER there and
you get a transparent link between your
equipment and the remote processor.
Protocol independent. You can even
disconnect your equipment and hook up an
other without disconnect. During connect
and disconnect no garbage characters will
disturb your units. Just a transparent link
when you neet it. In GSM or other

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This is one of our SYSTERs. More are in the
pipe. Next will be released in october 2004.
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The Wireless Wire!
The fast and simple step into wireless in
existing work days. The most simple way to
improved service and functionality.
We look for
distributors in
several countries.
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