Our SYSTERs meets different needs in
the wireless communications world. It is
flexible units and built as general
solutions as well as custom designed.

The line of today is more complete than
ever. We are sure you will find out the
units are covering a lot of special needs
in standard units. Still we are open for
new ideas for standard units or custom
designed ones.

Soon you will find more detailed
descriptions for each and every unit.

It builds a transparent link between serial
asynchronus units. An ideal unit for remote
service, datalogging, service, control and
much more. It woks in the data channel in

Is used for alerts and indicates binary
signals. Sensors and units are connected to
the LarmSYSTER. Then indications are
transfered to one or several receivers. As
easy to use as LinkSYSTER.

This version of SYSTER works in SMS mode
with different messages depending of ports.
With the right level of security you can
remote control the output ports. You can
receive and transfer messages from a
standard cellular.

For transmitting and reception of text and
data messages over SMS. Can be used with
printers, barcode readers, sensors,
instruments or other serial units.

For GPS-positioning over SMS. It is a clever
unit and reduces amount of messages to
save transfer costs. It can even handle
alerts or status codes for daily work, cargo
or alerts.

Alerts or indications is transfered over a
virtual channel in GPRS. Can even be
on-line for weeks to be ready as soon a
binary signal occours.

For GPS-positioning with higher density of
plotting. It uses a virtual channel in GPRS
but is still clever enough to reduce the
amount of transfered characters.

For exchanging messages in GPRS from
computer to remote. Ideal unit for printers,
barcode readers, sensors, instruments or
other serial units. Mainly designed for fleet

Is one of our softwares. This one is mainly
used as a start-up tool for SYSTER and
GPRS. It works in Windows, like XP, and
keep track of vehicles information in
different virtual channels, e.g. from GPS.
This information is then sent out on a
computer port to the application.
TransGPRS is a simple way to start with
GPRS without writing or connecting
advanced communications platforms.

A general unit available for many networks.
Transfer alerts, alarm indications, binary
signals. Work with printers and much more.
Made for Mobitex, GSM and TDMA.

Our smallest version and made for OEM
applications in GSM and TDMA.

The SYSTER Family
We do look for
distributors in
several countries.
Send us a request.

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